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The restaurant

It became famous all over the mountain region due to an exquisite and yet unpretentious cuisine , a trade mark of the 'chef' and owner Laura Góes. The quality of the ingredients found on this mountain area - fresh trouts and tilapias, sausages, dairy products, plus the fresh supply of vegetables, fruits and herbs from the garden, contribute to the quality of the food served.

Large like in European castles, with a big wooden stump used for chopping several ingredients, gas and wood ranges, and a table that can sit 24 people, the kitchen is certainly one of the special places of Pousada da Alcobaça.


Served to suit the guest's convenience, in the restaurant, in the bar or in the veranda. The most traditional items are:

  • PANCAKES - with maple syrup, honey, home made jelly, they arrive for the gests steamming hot (right, on top).
  • CORN CAKE - with a golden and crispy crust with a soft core, served with Minas cheese or cottage cheese from the local market (right, bellow).
  • PETRÓPOLIS TOASTS - thick slices of the famous Petrópolis bread, made with brioche dough, toasted on a hot plate with cottage cheese (left).
  • JUICES - tangerine, orange, passion fruit.

Lazer Pousada da Alcobaça
Lazer Pousada da Alcobaça
Lazer Pousada da Alcobaça
Lazer Pousada da Alcobaça